Smart Neck Massager

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The HyperPulse Neck Massager is specifically designed to relieve neck pain, stiffness, cervical pain, and body tension. The HyperPulse combines low cycle acupulse technology and constant heat for calming relief. 


Positive Effects

By using your HyperPulse for 15 minutes daily, your body will begin to experience positive effects and begin to reduce:

  • Neck pain and cervical stiffness
  • Arthritis in shoulders and upper back
  • Irritability and fatigue due to sleep disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Dizziness and loss of balance
  • Headaches
  • Cervical nerve pain
  • Muscular spasms or shooting pains/trigger points
  • Knotted necks and shoulders



    • Helps stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body.
    • Portable and lightweight.
    • Affordable and eliminates the need for expensive massage therapists or chiropractic treatments.
    • May improve sleep and mood, as well as increased energy levels.


    Design & Sizing

    Our smart massagers are strategically designed to be lightweight in order to prevent further tension on your neck and shoulders.  It’s compact to allow for easy travel and storage.

    Equipped with a long-lasting battery, within just 15 minutes the HyperPulse is able to noticeably reduce neck and shoulder discomfort while simultaneously relieving built-up stress.


    Massage Modes

    The HyperPulse is attuned to various sensitivities and neck sizes/frames while being equipped with 15 different levels of intensity.  The 3 different massage modes ensure all levels of pain, soreness, and irritability are properly nurtured.

    The 3 massage modes are:

    • Acupuncture and Moxibustion
    • Pressure Massage
    • Pulsate